Reasons why India can be visited

As par a friend of mine who is an indian and worked at Henderson Indoor cycling. He said that many people don’t think that India is a great place to visit. This is because their country is overcrowded and they aren’t the cleanest country in the world. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not visit the country.  There are many reasons why this is a country that you should visit when you are a tourist loving to tour through different countries. These are the top reasons why you should visit India at least once.


India has a unique culture that is really interesting. The reason is that they do things in a different way. Different from our culture. They love the color. The way they dress and the way that the woman should be dress is different. Indian people are the friendliest people and always greet tourists with a smile.

The way they get to marry is very traditional and interesting to see. They believe in different gods.  The jewelry that they are wearing is to show how rich they are and to look beautiful. They use especially a lot of jewelry for their weddings. Their different culture, language, and personalities make it great to visit India.


If you love seeing another culture’s festival, then you should visit India for sure. They don’t have just one festival each year like most of the other countries. They have a couple of festivals that you can see and enjoy with them. It is quite interesting to learn more about the different festivals. These are the top four festivals that they have each year.

  •    The Grand Festival of Lights
  •    Festival of Colors
  •    Bottom of Form The Birth of The Mighty & Mischievous
  •    Religious Processions & Peaceful Hymns

Their food

This is the one thing that makes a lot of people go to India. Their food and their spices. You smell their food from a distance. It is always full of flavor. The great smell of Indian food.

If you are walking through the markets, the one thing that you will always smell is the food that they are preparing and their spices. However, if you don’t like hot, spicy food, then Indian food isn’t going to be for you. They love their curries for sure.

India. A country that is so different from ours. Their culture, food, and beliefs are so much different from ours. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t visit this country. In fact, this is a great country that you should visit at least once. You might find other reasons why you should go back and visit India again. There so much to see and do there, you will not be able to do it all at once. This is one of the tours that you will not regret sure.