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Welcome to Formula First Racing!!!  This site is promote the Formula First class and find new drivers to join us on the track. Our goal is to have a minimum of 20 cars in our group on a regular basis. We currently have a field of 7 cars. And if everyone gets their cars finished (Joe & Terry), we will have 9 cars.

Formula First is designed to be a ”Drivers” class, the cars are built to be rugged, easy and inexpensive to maintain and most of all FUN!!

So If you want to take your need for speed to the track, where it is fast, safer than driving on the city streets and there are no speeding tickets,  we can help you get started!

We race in Phoenix at Firebird Raceway, Arroyo Seca, Inde Motorsports & Sandia with  ProAutoSports (A.S.A).

This site is brought to you by the Formula First Arizona Group.

A Very Special Thanks to Joe Chirco and Don Wiggins of Chirco.com, without them , we would not have this site!

We hope you enjoy the site and we are always looking to you for suggestions to help make this site even better.

Latest Racing Videos

Inde Labor day 2010

CloseCall 2 At INDE Labor Day 2010


Wild Ride

Tim & Fitz, Contact

On Board with JKFitz, FireBird Main, AZ.

On Board with Greg Robbins at Sandia, NM.

 Date Posted: 22 Dec 2008 @ 06 28 PM
Last Modified: 30 Apr 2011 @ 03 00 PM
Posted By: jcchirco@gmail.com
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