21 Oct 2009 @ 3:30 PM 

For sale Ready to Race FST


This car is ready to race in ASA  Formula First.

 Not SCCA legal, But can be easily converted to SCCA.

1600 dual port air cooled VW type1, Zero roll suspension, Ball joint front end, rack steering, 5 point harness, fully charged firebottle, new wheels , (tires need replacing), fan and alt. This car is wrapped with a custom design by Rengade Graphics.

Fill it with fuel and it’s it ready to go.


Contact Mauricio Giraldi at unppainting@yahoo.com for info regarding the purchase of this car.

More photos available upon request. Contact johnkfitz1@msn.com for additional photos of this car.


Also have  an enclosed dual axle trailer for $6000.00 (inside dimensions 14′3″ x 6′9″)


Contact Mauricio Giraldi at unppainting@yahoo.com

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Last Edit: 21 Oct 2009 @ 03 30 PM


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