Asian Hooded Eyelids Makeup

Asian Hooded / Hidden Eyelids Makeup Tutorial

Hooded / Hidden eyelid refers to an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease, causing the lid to appear smaller, or in some cases, look like it doesn’t exist at all.

This tutorial i’ll share few tips with you on how to apply makeup for Hooded or Hidden eyelids and make your eyelids obvious. So you can do all the eye makeup looks that everyone else can!

Do a high puffy bun to finish the look~

Bride :-

If anyone of you is based in Ipoh, Malaysia, and would like to volunteer to be my model, please email me at :-


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20 thoughts on “Asian Hooded Eyelids Makeup”

  1. why the eye tape doesnt stay on my eyes? it tends to look weird and the tape shows up

  2. Hello, can you make a video about inner double eyelids everyday makeup tutorial?

  3. I have puffy eyelids and don't have/want any eyelid tape or glue so this was kinda disappointing… cute look though! Maybe you could consider doing a tutorial without any tape or glue?

  4. As a hooded eye lid Asian myself I officially despise the eye lid stickers, lenses and fake eyelashes. We don't have to look like anybody to be considered beautiful. Fake has never been considered beautiful. Period.

  5. Thanks for your reply Lynette. I really like your videos. What are your favorite contour products for Asian girls ? How do you like inglot bronzing 74 ? I have never used their products but it looked good in this video.

  6. I prefer the makeup-less look. Natural and Asian. The make-up really makes her look like an antique doll.

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