Cat Eyes for Hooded Lids – how to wear winged eyeliner

For those that want a thinner line, just do the same but thinner! 😉

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20 thoughts on “Cat Eyes for Hooded Lids – how to wear winged eyeliner”

  1. I've struggled and struggled with the cat eye look until I just recently realized that I in fact have hooded eyes. Didn't even know that concept existed. After watching this tutorial I have the best wings I have ever done. Thank you very much for this video!

  2. Thank you so much!!! this has been the only "eyeliner – hooded eye" so far that actually works for my ffff.. ubber hood hooded eyes!1000x thank you!

  3. I really really REALLY like that V shaped thingy mcgingy! I will steal this, make it mine and be fabulous with it.Thank you very much for sharing!

  4. Oh my just found this video can't wait to try it. New to you tube make up tutorials and got fed up of watching people whip on eyeliner without the reality of hoods, crinkles and skin! On a mission to get my eyes done properly it's not easy is it!!! This video is a god send thank you x

  5. No, your line is way too up and out, if you draw a bit lower it would not need so much filler and it would look better when u look down, iv done it for years

  6. The problem I see with this is that there's so much black now that it's not really a winged eye liner anymore. It also doesn't leave much for other colors anymore. It's basically black eye shadow with a wing.

  7. Is there any way to do winged eyeliner for hooded eyes whilst leaving room for other eyeshadow colours? This doesn't leave much eyelid space to work with for anything else 🙁 Very informative easy to follow tutorial though!

  8. woooow! I gave up on wing liner some time ago after many trials!… but this gives me hope! 🙂 def will try it… the little angle is sexy, love it!

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