Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s

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Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s

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The music here is done by my brother Oleg Yarushin:

The makeup products I used:

Eyeliner – Maybelline brown gel eyeliner http://bit.ly/29mdWy5

Eyeshadow – Quarry by MAC http://bit.ly/29m97EX

The brushes I bought in a craft shop for less then 1 dollar each ))

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20 thoughts on “Hooded Eyes Eyeliner DO’s”

  1. hi aly, awesome tips! I've tried it and my eyeliner still has that rounded flick u pointed out on my right eye, and i have no space to correct it. My left eye looks great and straight. what should i do?

  2. I absolutely adore you. this is an embarrassing question but. I am battling an eating disorder ( too much info sorry) but you really have made my day a little brighter. God bless you. my question is what foundation and concealer , powder would you recommend for someone who needs full coverage and make me look healthier? I am 36 so I am getting old lol. I understand if that was a lot to ask.thanks😊

  3. pleaaase aly pleaaase can you do a turorial on angelina jolie's makeup in her movie by the sea?!!

  4. Best tutorial I've seen on this to date. Love that you explain how to adjust for different eyes/faces, etc. :)

  5. hey Girl:) I am a south African with heavly hooded eyes and this didnt work out to well for me , I found that it made my eyes appear smaller and Kept getting that curved type of wing 🙁 could you please do a video on tricks to make eyes look bigger 🙂 I actually never knew I had hooded eyes untill I had my make up done by a makeup artist a few years ago who said " I dont know how to define your make up because you have hooded eyes"

  6. Aly thank u so much for this vid it's soooo helpful for my hooded eyes. It's difficult to find simple, easy and neat hooded eye make up tutorials and your's is what I was exactly looking for!! It's quick and looks gorgeous. Also your example pictures really helped me to understand how make up should be working on my face.

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