How a Thickened Incision from Asian Eyelid Surgery can Heal Over Time without Additional Treatment

A lady underwent Asian eye surgery 5 months ago which resulted in a thickened and bumpy scar. Even after having steroid injections and silicon sheet use, the area still hasn’t flattened out. She wants to know if the scar can flatten out, and if there are any other treatments to achieve this, including lasers

New York oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeon Amiya Prasad, M.D. reviews her concerns in this video, and explains how 5 months is too early to address any scarring right away, how the scar can soften on its own over time, and treatment options to soften it:

0:42 — Dr. Prasad details his background training in cosmetic surgery and his experience as a specialist in Asian eyelid surgery

1:13 — Five months post-surgery can show favorable results in terms of the eyelids looking less swollen, but it is important to keep in mind that surgical healing can take a year or more to complete

2:45 — Dr. Prasad discusses what causes scars to appear on eyelid skin; and how it is rare for undesirable thickened scars to last long-term

4:01 — Dr. Prasad explains which lasers are appropriate for the treatment of certain scars at a certain timeframe

4:46 — Dr. Prasad’s recommendation

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