Julie Chen | Asian Plastic Surgery | Double Eyelid The Talk Secret Revealed

Talk and reality show host Julie Chen told a national audience that she was so traumatized while working at a local television station that she developed a complex that led to a Los Angeles plastic surgeon’s table.
During a special segment on CBS’ “The Talk” called Shocking Secrets, Chen said a former WDTN-TV news director told her she would never be accepted in Dayton as an anchor.

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She looks so different. Her nose looks straighter and her lips appear thinner! Is it just makeup or did she have multiple surgeries?

Even if she was born in China I doubt she would get a job as an anchor in the country because she wasn’t beautiful by Asian standard. My take is that she didn’t get the job easily because she wasn’t good looking enough to be one and not because she looks Asian.

Yet nobody cares about this – but black people constantly harass white girls who get lip injections. The same people who wear blonde weaves and blue eye contacts.

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