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Do you have hooded eyes like me? It just basically means you have more skin above your eyes so when your eyes are open, skin would often droop over your eyelids. Very often, hooded eyes (also known as bedroom eyes) would appear more intense, sleepy and heavy. You could be born with hooded eyes like myself or they may become more hooded with age.

This look is on of my favourite to go looks. It’s just a nice easy one and it helps to perk up my “heavy” eyes without them looking too much. Quick and easy as it doesn’t require a lot of blending either.

I once read a comment years back that said my eyelids resembled foreskin because I have so much excess skin above my eyes. In this case, I’ve grown to love my “foreskin” eyes. We’re all made to be unique in our own ways. My beautiful mother passed hese babies to me and now my son has inherited them too. How special.

Hooded eyes can be a little tricky. For a start, our eye makeup crease/smear so much easier due to our excess skin folding over. Thick or cat-eyed liner doesn’t always work for us as the crease tends to make the eyeliner droop. We might be proud of all our eyeshadow blending but by the time we open our eyes, all our good work “disappears”. Don’t feel limited. Cherish the beauty of hooded eyelids.

Just like all eye types, we just need to use the correct methods to accentuate what we have. Hooded eyes have a mysterious alluring look. Think Taylor Swift, Emma Stone and Selena Gomez who all rock beautiful hooded eyes too.

Whatever what type you have, cherish them for they help us see the beautiful world.

Love, your friend Bubz xo

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20 thoughts on “Makeup For Hooded Eyes”

  1. I love that lipcolor on you! I'm grateful for what I have and it allows mw to help other people that struggle with applying makeup to their hooded eyes

  2. I don't have hooded eyes and I really really want/like hooded eyes, am I the only one? 😂

  3. Bubz,you're so underrated :0 Not that I don't love other beauty gurus like Wengie or Michelle Phan,but I barely hear your name around :(

  4. You need to clean up ur brows with concealer after you fill them in otherwise they look very messy

  5. Came here to comment on her thumbnail she looks like Ex-member of Girls Generation Jessica lol just me?

  6. does anyone have tips for round/almond double eyelids, and how to make them appear more asian or monolid-like? asking because i'm half asian and i really want to accentuate my asian side!

  7. I think that type of hooded eye looks beautiful, especially since u can hide a color in there that can be seen when you look down, Dx my hooded eyes only shows eye shadow, I love how eyeliner looks but my lids literally hide everything and will only show eye shadow…. if it doesn't show should I just give up on lining them ? if I want it to show I have to do an inch thick line(panda eyes when closed)

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