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Filmed by Sam Bayliss Ibram
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20 thoughts on “MY EYELID SURGERY? – HOODED EYES FIXED | Joseph Harwood”

  1. im a girl who has hooded brows, and i have never seen another female other than one model, who has them..

  2. I'm 13 and have a slight hooded eye, does it go away as you grow up or would I always have it

  3. Joseph hooded eyelids are very masculine and objectively look better on men in every way. I beg you to reconsider…….Please get in contact with your people and find out if upturned eyelids can be converted to downturned/hooded for omega males born less blessed than you. There is zero information on this on google

  4. ""Fixed"? Um…I want hooded eyes. They look extremely attractive on guys. It's not an issue, it doesn't need fixing, it's a character. This video is kind of devastating to me :/ there's a lot of surgeries to do this but I never hear about vice versa.

  5. I have almond shaped eyes (nvm, they're hooded, I lived my whole life in a lie XD), but who gives a crap? My ex had one downturned and 2nd hooded too, I think it looks unusual and not the shape but the color of your eyes attracts the most (I love hazel eyes, I have them aswell >:) ) and it's finally THE TIME to embrace your FLAWS cause NOBODY'S PERFECT! If I was about to fix everything I don't quite enjoy in myself I'd overdo everything but I'm fine with myself. I guess it comes with time to fully accept yourself with flaws. I only accept teeth fixing (I wear braces at the moment too) and acne treatments, if you take care of these parts you'll be fine and attractive no matter your height/weight/color of your eyes, hair etc.Don't look at these magazine hoes/actors/actresses/musicans, they're photoshopped as fuck to appeal to you and sell all these treatments.

  6. way to much filler in her face ,that is not what people should look like ,text book example of what not to do with fillers

  7. May I ask how long it lasts for ? I have hooded eyes and want this doing but unsure on the time it lasts.

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