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The goal with hooded eyes or downturned eyes is to lift them up. We want to create a more youthful lift but also to take away the “hooded” area. This technique is great for lifting and opening up the eyes and making hooded eyes appear less so.

Remember the goal is to create a straight line. You will then blend that edge but by going straight across with the eye open it will LIFT the eyes. If you follow the natural crease on hooded or down turned eyes you will be bringing the colour “down”. Something we don’t want. Give it a go and leave a comment! The use of the stencil is purely optional and with time you will be able to do it without 🙂

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  1. Ugh, I have been searching for a video just like this!!! Thank you so much! My eyes are sooo hooded it's impossible!!! Can't wait to try this technique!!

  2. why am i just finding this now? best tipp for 2017 so far for me. you look extremely good in this Video, if i may say

  3. inhales NEVER put the eyeshadow all along the bottom of the eye… never… makes your eye look bruised, closed and puffy, never use plum colors ether or dark colors, stick with a bronzer or a lighter more natural colored brown, the tissue trick is a good idea though, very simple 🙂 but only put shadow a quater way across the bottom of the eye from the side but use a smudge brush to lighten it up and smoke it out, if you want to add more what you can do is add a nice soft base color to the eye lid first then put that base color all way across under the eye then smoke out darker color across a quater of the eye. A little is a lot for hooded eyes especially if you have boyish features like me, don't build it so heavy because it won't look right, just be more subtle. It's not just the shape of the eye or any extra skin but because your brow bones are bigger too like big cheek bones so it makes your features look stronger too, so the stronger your features the more subtle you should make it. Two colors that go well are light pinks, light brown natural or bronzy colors or a nice shimmery chocolate brown.

  4. This is the best tutorial I've watched for hooded eyes! Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and your videos! I'm excited and look forward to finally having uplifted eyes and even try a cat-eye with my eyeshadows!! I have very deep set eyes (almost same eye shape as Cher) and it's hard for me to find videos that I can relate to my eye shape. Soooo excited now!

  5. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I am 57 and have very hooded eyes now…my husband also enjoys watching along with me and the wonderful things I have learned from your tutorials. I am a musician and being onstage..I cannot tell you how you have helped me with these lessons….they are the best. Thank you thankyou.

  6. I love all your videos! I'm going to try this one because I have hooded eyes. Any tips for a cut crease look in hooded eyes? (Or do you have a tutorial on this already and I'm not able to find it?)

  7. I have small, rounded, protruding, almond shaped, upturned eyes. and no make up tutorial makes them look right! aaargh

  8. Love this simple technique. It works perfectly every time for my hooded eyes, especially during allergy season!

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